Dr. Jarred Burdette

Dr. Burdette grew up locally in WV where he attended Ripley High School and enjoyed the rural activities around the area. He participated at the Jackson Co. Junior Fair, showing livestock through the local FFA chapter; Jarred fell in love with the animals, the sense of support associated with the parents, and the community that helped raise them. He provided a farrier service to this same community since 2011, which supported him financially while completing his undergraduate, Bachelor’s Degree in Animal & Nutritional Sciences at WVU, followed by his veterinary education and Doctorate Degree at Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine in Blacksburg, VA. After graduation, Dr. Burdette completed an Equine Internship, where he expanded his knowledge and skill set while working alongside the top equine practitioners in the profession at Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, KY.

Outside of work, Jarred enjoys spending time with friends and family. In the fall and winter months he makes time to enjoy hunting trips with his brother, father, and uncles as well as mountain ski trips to Snowshoe with friends. Free time in the spring and summer allows Dr. Burdette to spend time with his fiancé, camping and fishing for smallmouth bass and trout. Throughout the year he helps to manage Sunset Farm, a family hobby farm that consists of a small cow-calf operation, some gaited pleasure horses, and a few good ol’ dogs.